JLR Trophy Bear Hunting

New Brunswick Canada

What to Expect

This section will give you an idea of what a day with JLR Trophy Bear Hunting is like.
The day starts with a good breakfast, and is followed by a filing lunch. After lunch there is a couple of hours to prepare equipment, chat with the other hunters, or whatever you like. In the spring, there is no hunting until mid afternoon. You will then be picked up at the lodge between 1 to 2 pm by one of your guide.
By law, a maximum of three hunters per guide is permitted. You will be brought directly to the first hunter’s stand where you will receive a 2 ways radio and where minute verification will be made. It takes anywhere from one to two hours to get to the hunting area. The first hunter will be left to hunt with a barrel of fresh bait. The guide will set up the 2nd and 3rd hunters.
As soon as a black bear has been shot, a guide must be notified immediately by radio.
At the end of the hunting day, the guide will assemble his hunters. Hunters should remain in their stands until the guide arrives.
The morning after the bear hunt, hunter who killed a black bear will have an early breakfast so pictures can be taken before the guides take the hide off the animal to the specifications of the hunter. After lunch, the next hunting day will begin.
Black bear hunting always begins on Monday and will end on Friday. Arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday morning.


We have camara on bait. We will show you the picture of the bears that we want you to shoot. You will need a lots of patience to kill a big bear.

For bow hunters, for black bear, stands are set up approx 15 to 20 yards from the bait. Stands vary from 12 to 15 feet high.

For gun hunter, for black bears, stands and ground blinds are set up 50 to 150 yards from the bait.