rich holloway rich holloway from pittsburgh wrote on February 8, 2020 at 10:56 pm:
I have been on 3 hunts with Lee. Lee and his whole team are nothing but amazing and true woodsmen. They put you in stands that are active, and if the wind isn't right they opt-out from putting you in a stand even if a big bear is there till the wind is right. My last hunt with Lee was my dream moose hunt in which I was successful, Lee, and Roland went above and beyond any guides that I have dealt with prior and from what I seen on hunting shows. They also welcome you into their family, I had dinners with Lees, Leos, and Roland's wives and they treated me like their own.i have nothing but admiration and appreciation for all they do for their friends "clients" I think he should change his motto to come as a stranger and leave as family. So good luck to you my friend and brother till we hunt again.....soon

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